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Lionel Train Layouts

My first train experience was with  Lionel Train Layouts  . I don't remember exactly what Christmas it was, but I will never forget waking up Christmas morning to the sound of a  Lionel train coming round the bend. Lionel is a leader in miniature trains and accessories.

Lionel is probably the best known name in scale model trains. Established in 1900 by Joshua Lionel Cowen, this train manufacturer has had recent renewed interest in it's O and O-27 gauge scale designs. Lionel's electric train became one of the first electric toys to be inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame.

During World War II Lionel produced compasses for the war effort and only made non-electric paper train sets during this time. After the war Lionel made steam engines that puffed smoke and by 1950 was producing combat-oriented train sets. In the 1970's its name was leased to General Mills and saw the resurgence of popularity of the 700E locomotive.

If you do not have a book covering the basics of model railroad layouts, maintaining, or operating trains, we highly recommend  The Big Book of Lionel: The Complete Guide to Owning and Running America's Favorite Toy Trains, Second Edition. This volume contains an overview of Lionel trains and accessories, more than 30 track plans, advice on scenery and structure building, and wiring and track know how., In addition it guides you in the choosing of steam or diesel locomotives and freight or passenger cars, along with maintenance and restoration tips, techniques, and instructions.

You can find many model railroad layouts online and at your local toy store. These sets tend to rekindle fond memories for fathers and grandfathers. Many hand down their sets to their children who carry on and build new and exciting train layouts. Miniature train sets are loved by all.


Internet surfing can result in a visual display of many designs and layouts that you may not have though of, Also, many online retailers offer deep discounts and free shipping that make this hobby very affordable. In addition, you can hook up with other miniature train enthusiasts and clubs just by doing a little searching on the web. There are shows and clubs in most major cities.

Setting up Lionel train layouts on  Christmas morning will bring smiles to young and old. Which reminds me, many families set up a train around the Christmas tree as a holiday tradition. Young or old, you can't help but smile when you see a miniature train set under the tree.